How about becoming your own interior designer?

Bring your flair for furniture design to the drawing table!

It’s easier than you may think:
Download the design grid which will guide you in designing your Cube33® furniture.

Once your grid is printed, follow these steps:


  1. Set the size of your furniture, in multiples of 38 cm in width and height.
  2. Choose square or rectangular modules.
  3. Position the modules horizontally or vertically.
  4. Add any doors or drawers you may need.
  5. Decide on any lighting you have in mind.
  6. Finally, choose the wood or colour for each piece

If you prefer,

you can always use the grid as a sketch pad

for outlining your ideas.

Our distributors will design the furniture based on your indications.

Our delivery team will assemble your furniture, but you always have the option of doing this yourself. Our fastening system is simple and intuitive, and requires no tools, glue or screws.

If your ideas change or you move, simply come up with a new piece of furniture using your modules as a basis, and add any missing components.

Feel free to take photos of your Cube33® creations once set up and decorated, then share them on our Facebook page.

We also welcome all of your comments!